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This review applies to version 4.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

TuneLab Pro is a professional piano tuning tool. When the proper note is sounded in the microphone of the computer, the program will show how that note compares with its ideal pitch using two different displays.
The "phase display" contains squares that move to the left or the right to indicate that the note is flat or sharp. The "spectrum display" is a graph of the distribution of audio energy across the frequency spectrum. This display can be switched between a wide view of the entire spectrum and three different levels of a narrow zoomed-in view centered around the selected note and partial.

What's new in version 5.0 beta

- Inharmonicity Model - The old inharmonicity model using a best-fit approximation has been replaced with the new segmented model which was developed for the iPhone and Android versions of TuneLab.
- Inharmonicity Measurement - The analysis of individual inharmonicity measurements has been improved to take into account more partials and to be more sensitive when measuring higher notes.
- Optimizations for Touchscreen - The user interface that was heavily slanted toward keyboard use has been enhanced to provide touchscreen alternatives for many functions. This includes tapping in the spectrum display to change notes. The toolbar buttons have also been enlarged to make them easier to tap with a finger on touchscreen devices.
- Over-pull - The old over-pull with its history list and over-pull percentage has been replaced by the new two-phase method developed for the iPhone and Android versions.
- Input Calibration - The listening mode calibration has been improved to make it simpler to perform. TuneLab automatically locks on to the reference pitch and adjusts its calibration accordingly.
- Output Calibration - A faster output pitch calibration is provided to simplify the process of calibrating the sound generating mode.
- Expanded Options - Most of the advanced options that were previously supported through the separate TuneLabSettings.txt file have been implemented with a clear user interface inside the program. The TuneLabSettings.txt file is no longer used.
- Basic Offset and Temporary Offset Combined - In the previous versions of TuneLab there was a Temporary Offset that was easily adjustable and a Basic Offset that was more permanent. These two offsets were always added together inside TuneLab and did essentially the same thing. It combines the functions of both of these offsets into one term simply called the "Offset". It is adjustable just like the old Temporary Offset and it can be optionally stored in the tuning file just like the old Basic Offset. This simplification of the offsets should reduce the confusion associated with the two different offsets that did the same thing.
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